Small History of Hotmail 20 years of free email

Today, I wanted to do a little special post just to talk about 20 years of Hotmail. Incredible, that it’s a little more in reality because a small company dad was called Hotmail, that company was a Sunnyvale based company in California. And they had, of course, started a service of email online, and Microsoft so that’s 20 in 1996 and on December 29th, 1997.

Hotmail 1996

Hotmail 1996

What really was a revolution? Bill Gates decided that Microsoft needed to buy that company 450 million dollars. Back then, that was the biggest transactions a company on the internet that ever done and pretty amazing and it actually started the whole thing. So this is what it looked like close to that era things of changing.

So basically one of the things about Hotmail was that it was the first time that the company of offered email for free. It’s the first time also that we had something new a cloud email. Basically, that you could access anywhere and even if you didn’t have internet at home because of let’s face it way back in 1997 the internet is not even in half of the homes in 1997.

Hotmail 1997

Hotmail 1997

It’s just a small number of people under using dial-up modems for most parts. And there aren’t a lot of people on the high-speed internet back then. And of course, it changed everything because now everybody could have an email for free.

They just signed in they could go to a library or public place where there were computers to access email if you didn’t have internet at home.

So you could have an email for the first time and of course you know followed a lot of companies like Yahoo! Mail and everything but it was it really changed everything and not just that, it started a revolution of free email because let’s face it. If you have a free email called Hotmail and no other companies can charge for email.

I mean everybody’s going to go to Hotmail why aren’t we, you know, gonna pay for email if we have it for free with Hotmail. And of course, there’s a lot of changes done over the years. There were things that are not necessarily the best idea.

But over the years the web-based email and the fact that there was more competition would, of course, change slowly everything.

And Microsoft, of course, had other ideas using this email service to open up, you know, registration for all sorts of Microsoft services and products.

It moved on to MSN Hotmail when MSN which was the Microsoft Network was kind of the brand they wanted to use at some point which was kind of interesting. And you know it evolved slowly in the year 2000 but it was a very popular one.

So in1997 when Microsoft bought Hotmail, one of the things that they wanted to do, was really to bring a lot of people to email.

There was a competition back then there was a service Rocket-mail and that became Yahoo-mail actually. And that was a real true first offering of free web-based email. And that was funded by advertising a little bit like Hotmail.

Hotmail also did that and what was to become Yahoo mail already had nine million users. So of course, you know Microsoft wanted to beat the competition.

And it became Windows Live Hotmail at some point especially when we approached Windows times and all of that. It became and lates early’s the biggest email service in the world.

Hotmail had more users than Yahoo!Mail at some point it had really surpassed everybody. And that’s thanks to one very simple thing.

Integration of Hotmail and Windows together, when you were buying a computer with Windows you know XP or Windows 7.

You already had some you know integration. That would kind of push it to use Hotmail or use you know.

Microsoft services rather than utter so a lot of people were pushing there that’s for sure. But the service would cost a lot of money.

The infrastructure was crazy, especially for those times. They had to you know make testing tons of space to get all the email.

We’re not even talking of gigabytes at the beginning of a Hotmail we’re talking about megabytes.

And you know if you had a computer back in 1997 – 1998 you know how expensive hard drives were very very amazing.



And of course, Window Live Hotmail became Outlook over time. This is the latest branding. One little stat the first ever security big security breach for Hotmail happened in 1999. The summer of 1999 every single one of hot mails accounts which were.

Million at a time were potentially exposed by a bug in a script on Hotmail servers. That gave access to any Hotmail account where the same password basically. With the same password, so um kind of crazy when you think about it. There was a first big security breach.

First big security reach here don’t mind that number it’s just a paid phone. So anyways you know one of the big email services around the world going today. And working today again.And of course, it’s integrating with everything.

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