💻Microsoft Outlook 2016 Task & To Do List 🗒

Microsoft Outlook 2016 is a great email client but many people fail to realize that it has more uses than just sending and receiving Hotmail, Outlook emails. These four little icons in the bottom left-hand corner are often overlooked. But they’re the key to unlocking those uses.

The first unlock the calendar. we’ll cover that in another post.

The next is for the email client.

The third will open up your contacts database again.

And the fourth which we’ll look at in detail in this post – open the task list.

A task list is really just another name for a to-do list with a few extra bells and whistles. We’ve got only one task in the list at the moment to build a task list.

To create a new task, you can either click Build Task List or to open a new task window.

Let’s click 📄New task the icon for a new task. This opens up the new task window and will create the new task to update our accounts like many tasks.

I don’t really care when it started. But I do want it completed by Friday the 21st of April So I’m going to give it a high priority.

I’m going to give myself a reminder that the task needs doing, tick Reminder.

I’ll remind myself on the previous Monday which gives me five days to get the job done.


You can add more details, click 📝Details if I need them but frankly the less time I spend on the list the more time.

I can devote to getting the jobs done, so I’ll leave that alone.

I can also delegate the task to someone else on my contact list.

If I want Jonathan might be a good candidate dedicating a task by sending an email isn’t really very good management practice. So I’ll leave this one alone as well.

There are other options I can send a status report to any of my contacts or perhaps more usefully I can set the task to recur every Friday.


Because I dislike the job of updating my accounts it’s probably a good idea to remind myself to do this every week.

If you think it helpful, check out some of our more recent posts. Thank you.

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