Warning: Sign in Hotmail/Outlook accounts if you want to keep your emails

Recently, on Reddit forum, many Hotmail users complain that their e-mail account has been totally wiped clean of all saved messages, folders, contacts, etc… I advise you to read this immediately before that happens to you.

Hotmail launched in 1996 and quickly became the best free email service in the world. However, after Google launched and Yahoo continued to improve, Hotmail lost its number one position.

Outlook then came out and replaced Hotmail. Outlook has improved a lot compared to Hotmail, with a nice interface, neat. As a result, the number of messages displayed increases by 30%, and Microsoft also restricts advertisements to occupy more space.

At 10/6/2013, Microsoft changed its Hotmail account policy. There is one thing that needs special attention.


Microsoft recommends that users log into Outlook.com at least 270 days in advance, otherwise Microsoft will not guarantee that the data contained in their emails is stored or not.

Within 360 days, the unused Outlook.com account will be automatically deleted.

However, despite being 2018 however many Hotmail users did not read this and lost their data.

So, I recommend you log in Hotmail at least once a month. This helps you not forget your Hotmail password. And at the same time, you have not deleted your account.